Shop Pay: An Online Shoppers Best Friend

Shop Pay: An Online Shoppers Best Friend

I have a confession: I love online shopping. So much so, that sometimes I get a package in the mail and I have absolutely no idea what's inside. Which, let's be honest, is a little bit like Christmas- but can sometimes be frustrating. 

Then I found Shop Pay. It's sort of like PayPal in the way that it provides security for purchases you make online, but that's not why I love it. I love it because I can track all my online orders in one place. And no, Shop Pay isn't paying me to say this (but I'll attach my Venmo in case they feel it's the right thing to do- jk).

I have three email addresses I shop from, so sometimes it's impossible for me to track my online orders. I can search a tagline in my email all day, but if that email doesn't want to be found, it won't be. With Shop Pay, I can enter all three of my email addresses, so that any order attached to those emails is automatically included in my Shop Pay tracking on their app. I can even attach my Amazon account and have those orders tracked there as well. Shop Pay is so accurate, I once had a friend forward me an online order she made to share with me what she found and because the order was sent to my email attached to Shop Pay, her order started tracking on the app. It's amazing.

You can also save your shipping and card info, similar to PayPal, and it makes checking out so much faster so long as the website you're using takes Shop Pay. 

So, why am I telling you all of this? Well, for several reasons, but the biggest being that I really enjoy sharing things I love that make my life easier. The second is because Foxy is one of those sites that accepts Shop Pay. And really, anything that makes life easier (and shopping faster) is a win for me. 

Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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