Logo Mania: Dior's Trotter Print

Logo Mania: Dior's Trotter Print

Logo mania has been trending hot and heavy for a few years now, but as the 90's crept up into the fashion world, Dior found its way to the forefront. 

The jacquard canvas Trotter print, considered to be Dior's original monogram, was created by the house’s artistic director of the time, Marc Bohan, in 1967. But it was John Galliano's revamp of the print in the 90's that is amongst the most coveted designs in the resale world. 

It always takes a bit of star power to really get a trend going, and the Trotter print was no exception. Once mega stars like the Kardashians and supermodels like Gigi and Bella Hadid began carrying the coveted print, the past was suddenly new again.

We absolutely adore vintage, and Galliano is definitely one of fashion's greats, so Dior's contribution to the recent logo mania has been enjoyable for us, to say the least. 

So this past week when Dior mania came through our doors, we welcomed the pieces with open arms and anxious hearts (we are buyers at heart over here, okay?) and we are so excited to share them with you today.

We hope you enjoy!

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