Exclusively Yours: Chanel Edition - Foxy Couture Carmel

Exclusively Yours: Chanel Edition

Anyone who has visited our shop in Carmel-by-the-Sea knows: Foxy loves Chanel. It's part of our welcoming spiel. "Welcome to Foxy Couture! As you can see we love our Chanel, but we have other brands sprinkled throughout the store."

Why Chanel? When Karl Lagerfeld came to Chanel in 1983, he brought with him something no other fashion house had seen before. The classic chic style of Coco Chanel was accentuated into a high fashion powerhouse that has evolved into the brand we know and love today. 

There are two things we look for when it comes to Chanel handbags (besides authenticity, which is a given); rarity and condition. One of the first things newcomers notice when they come to our shop is that most of the items in it look as if they have never been used. The exception to this would be where rarity plays a role over condition. If a bag is extremely rare but shows some signs of use, that bag is a keeper. 

But every once in a while, a unicorn bag comes through our doors, and graces us with both. And a unicorn she is... 

The Chanel 2014 Pre-Fall Collection Limited Production Pearl-Embellished Classic Flap Bag. Rare, due to the limited quantity in circulation, and pristine in condition. 

Released to the internet for a sneak peek preview in July of 2014, the collection of bags featured a multitude of shapes, sizes, and textures, but only two stood out as extremely special due to the fact that they were presented as exclusive. "Price available upon request"

The pearl-embellished flap bag and the pearl-embellished minaudière were the stars of the Pre-Fall show, but we have to say we are a bit partial to the Classic Flap bag because... well, Chanel.

While there are many Chanel bags I would personally love to own and enjoy recommending to first-time buyers and collectors alike, this bag has a certain je ne sais quoi that most don't possess.  

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