Brand Spotlight: Valextra

Brand Spotlight: Valextra

These days, with logo mania and the 90's bold fashion statements trending, it's difficult to imagine finding much interest in a simple leather bag. 

Yet that's exactly what many are finding, and they are finding it in Valextra. Built on a culture of beauty, quality, and innovation, Valextra was founded in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana in Milan, Italy. Valextra comes from the Italian word valigia, which translates in English to "suitcase" and "extra".

Fontana imagined a brand for the sophisticated and cultured city woman. Each bag is handmade by an Italian master craftsman in Italy, with a minimalist and discreet, un-ornamented, modern design. Think Hermes, but Italian. 

Valextra's craftsmanship and fine leathers spoke louder than any logo-pattern product ever could. In fact, the bags only have a logo on the inside of the bag. 

And it's not just quality you get when you purchase one of these sleek bags; each Valextra bag includes cleaning and repairs for life. That's a pretty big promise from a company with a lot of integrity.

White Valextra has managed to fly under the radar, avoiding "fame" some brands have collected through the years, they have gained recognition from the likes of Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. 

In recent years, it was Jennifer Aniston who brought this luxury brand into the spotlight when her award winning character Alex carried the brand on the acclaimed series The Morning Show.

Jennifer Aniston wore many outfits on The Morning Show, but each had a running theme; business professional with a side of Valextra.

Today, celebrities from Reese Witherspoon to Ella Fanning are fans of this timeless brand. 

Ella Fanning in May of 2019 at the Cannes Film Festive carrying the Iside Top Handle Bag, which retails for $3680.

Taylor Swift carries the Iside Top Handle Bag leaving a NYC restaurant last winter.

So next time you're in our shop or on our website, you might want to pause a little longer and take notice to the quiet guy on the shelf, the one who doesn't say much about who he is but rather shows you what he's made of. 

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